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We are warmly welcome you in, and to visit a unique, reliable and verstyle Law Site of pakistan.
Our is specifically arranged and designed to solve out the problems faced by the Lawyers Community as well as the other related legal community on the daily basis.
We are proud to tell you that in the history of Pakistan, is a complete and comrehensive Law Site having almost up-to-dated Laws and Statutes of the Pakistan away from the only one Click.
We are also proud to tell you that in , there is also a unique service to collect immediate information about any problm faced by the Legal Fertanity can be askd and solved through SMS service of the web.
There is also a unique service provided by the , is that the constitutions of the World are also available on the web away from the one click.
Your valuable suggesstions shall also be welcomed about how to improve the quality of the Web.

Free Legal Aid to Poor Prisoners & Womens

Every poor under trial prisoner who is in jail, cannot pay lawyers fee and due to said reason is unable to get justice can get free legal aid from us
Convicted poor prisoners who were convicted and have not filed their appeal against conviction and that prisoners who have undergone their full sentence but could not get release due to non-payment of fine imposed on them by Court can get free legal aid from our expert legal team
Poor womens who are widows, unable to pay fee of lawyers, and need any legal help can contact us for free legal aid.